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If you are feeling worried, scared, nervous or anxious, it is a good idea to tell someone. Sometimes it can be hard to tell people how we feel. We might feel a bit silly, or think they have too many worries of their own. Your grown ups will always want to know if you are worried, no matter what.


To help, you could make a worry box like we have in The Ranch. Ask your grown up if there is a box or jar you could use. Maybe you could decorate it. Then, if you get worried, you could write on a piece of paper how you are feeling and why. You and your grown up could chose a time each day when you can check the worry box together and talk about your worries. Maybe everyone in the house could use it and you could all help each other?


Another idea you could use is a Circle of Caring. All the family sit round a table together. Take it in turns to talk about how you are feeling, whether you are happy, sad, angry or worried.  Then, see if you can work together to find ways to make things better.


You could also make your own simple Worry Monster. Ask your grown up if there is an odd sock you could use to make a sock puppet. You could keep it simple or get creative and add eyes and wool for hair. Write your worry on a piece of paper then put your sock puppet on your hand and make it eat your worry!