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Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Within our Pupil Mental Health and Well Being Policy it is clear that our Academy recognises the importance of positive mental health for our pupils.  Particularly in light of Covid and School Closures etc over the past 2 years it is now more vital than ever that ALL staff are alert to any early stress/anxiety/worry children may display. The impact of missed social opportunities will continue to affect our children for many months to come and we are fully invested in closing this gap as much as is possible. 


We have a dedicated Community Team who work closely with both Parents/Carers and pupils to offer timely, appropriate pastoral/wellbeing support. We follow an Emotional Pathway of Support to ensure every child is given the appropriate help at the right time to prevent emotional difficulties progressing to levels that have a detrimental affect on their well being. 


This package of support includes Zoe from Bright Start Play Therapy which offers short and long term weekly hour long sessions alongside our Pastoral Support Claire will provide weekly sessions to encourage and promote increased self esteem, confidence and emotional well being through child led play. Please speak to a member of staff if you feel your child would benefit from this support.  Parental feedback from Bright Start Play Therapy includes "....... is like a brand new child....Play Therapy has boosted his confidence and he is making friends wherever he goes. He is always smiling...I cant recommend Zoe and Bright Start Play Therapy enough!!"


In addition our Senior Mental Health Lead (Karen Gardiner - Senior Family Support Worker within the Community Team) works closely with our PSHE Co-ordinator Miss Chambers to provide a curriculum that supports our Children's Health and Well Being plus ensuring early interventions are in place to support pupils.  The non-teaching Community Team (Karen, Sheryl, Claire and Deb) are available throughout the day to speak to pupils who require immediate assistance to share their thoughts and feelings. This often includes a number of 'Reading with Nancy' sessions (our Academy Dog) which promotes Reading as well as enabling pupils to have 1-1 time to talk through their worries.  Claire supports pupils going through bereavement, parental separation, friendship breakdowns etc by offering activities such as baking, arts and crafts, visiting the school farm animals and relaxing in our sensory room.


Each class takes part in Take 5 sessions led by our Take 5 Ambassadors (see link below) which provides 5 minutes of calming, breathing techniques to prepare them for learning and dealing with the day.


The Worry Box and Worry Line also offer additional outlets for pupils to share anything that's worrying them - no matter how small.



NEW Website supporting good Mental Health for all.


Mermaids - Support for Gender Diverse children, young people and their families.


Centre Place in Worksop - Support for 11-25 year olds inc mental health and LGBTQ+


Mind  - LGBTQ+ and mental health support


Place2be NEW website for Parents/Carers to help with all mental health worries that children may have.


Childline - Going back to school - great advice for children and parents/carers on how to support any worries you may have.




Parentzone -online help and advice during and post lockdown to support well-being


NHS - Every Mind Matters - help and advice for the adults to feel better!

NHS - Change 4 Life - help and advice for the whole family!.


BBC BITESIZE - Six Ways Parent/Carers can help children with lockdown.


Action for Happiness - Website full of ideas and activities for adults and children alike to promote well-being


MIND - Mental Health support and advice for Adults and Children and Young People


Action for Children - Advice, Signposting and resources for Adults and Children and Young People



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Take5 at Sparken Hill

We place a huge emphasis on the mental health and well being of our students and staff. As such, we work very closely with our friends at "Each Amazing Breath" to develop "Take 5" mindfulness every day.

Take Five is a safe, universal, resilience and capacity building skill set focussed on breathing, grounding and awareness. Take Five has been developed by Each Amazing Breath  and involves mindful resilience practices that take between thirty seconds and five minutes and can be practiced anywhere.


"Take Five at School" is a trauma-smart resilience-building programme based on breathing, grounding and awareness, which is used in classrooms and on the playground. Pupils throughout school from FSU-Y6 take part in short breathing practices of 1 ½ minutes approximately (led either by an adult or by specially trained Take Five Breathing Ambassadors) to calm, relax and focus them ready for learning.

Sparken Hill children have embraced Take 5 breathing as a part of school life. At the start of the day, after break and lunch and anytime when needed, the breathing ambassadors lead the rest of the class to help mindfulness and concentration.


During the current situation we are encouraging the use of Virtual Take 5 - Passwords have been send to parents (and remain the same for each virtual session). If you cannot remember this, please email