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Sketching our own maps to show land use

We have been looking at atlas' to see what the features can be found on maps, how do we read maps and using the key to help find and understand a map. We then looked at Worksop on Google Earth and looked at what features we could see. Then we began sketching a map of Worksop labelling Sparken Hill Academy, Outwood Portland, Savoy cinema and the roads around Manton. Have a look at our maps! 

The Roman Empire

In Geography we looked at the different countries that the Roman Empire conquered from 800BC to the height of the Roman Empire in 305CE. 

Identifying different mountains

In geography we are looking at different mountains across the world. We used our ipads to research the height, country and continent that they are in.  We previously discuss why mountains are cold and how they remain cold. 

Identifying Provincial boundaries

We looked a a political map of Kenya together and we then we created our own political map of Kenya.