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 Vikings Takeaway Homework

The takeaway menu: choose one and create a quality piece each week earning helmets as you go. You must earn at least 20 Helmets by the end of term.

*** REMEMBER your teacher is looking for quality work so take your time and focus on creating quality pieces of homework. ***



One helmet

Two helmets

Three helmets


Write an acrostic poem about Vikings

Write a detailed description of a Viking warrior.


Write an adventure story about a Viking and a dragon.

Write a secret message using the Viking alphabet. (Runes)


Write an information booklet on the Norse Gods.

Write a tourist history guide about the Vikings.


Vikings didn’t use money. Can you create a price list for a Viking market using things they would trade?



Create 5 fractions problems about Viking Shields.

Create a price list for a Viking shop. Pretend 3 customers visit your shop with different shopping lists. Work out how much each customer spends.

History / Geography

Write a fact file about ‘Edward the Confessor’.

Create a timeline of some of the key events of Viking history, including pictures.

Identify and label areas of Viking settlement on a map.


Draw yourself as a Viking and give yourself a warrior name.


Design a Viking Board Game.

Make a model of a Viking Longship.



Draw your own dragon and label why you have chosen its features.


Design a film poster for the next ‘How to Train your Dragon’ film.


Make your own Viking mask that includes a Viking helmet.