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This week we are going to be writing an advert for a toy. We will be looking at the features that make a good advert. Adjectives (describing words) are very important in an advert. Can you choose a picture of a toy, or draw your own and think of as many adjectives you can to describe it?



For maths this week we are focusing on subtraction of two numbers. Using the target board below can children create different subtraction calculations.

Children are to select two number from the target board e.g. 22 and 56. Remembering to subtract the smallest number from the largest:

56 - 22 =

Can the children use a number line or draw on their knowledge of a tens frame to solve the calculation.


In science we are continuing to look at Movement and Forces. 

The children will be asked to take photographs of each other demonstrating push and pulls. They will then be asked to make a PowerPoint to showcase their understanding of what a force is, adding the photographs to demonstrate what a push is and what a pull is.


A very short example of how to complete the science ICT Forces task