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At Sparken Hill Academy, the aim of our English curriculum is to provide thoroughly engaging experiences for children throughout the school so that they can read, write and speak fluently, communicating their ideas and emotions to others. Learning to read fluently, to write confidently, and to express oneself well orally are essential skills, which underpin all other learning. Children at Sparken Hill will use their English skills to communicate and work effectively with others and to develop as independent learners. We hope that through their literacy skills, they will be able to become active participants in society beyond the school community.

We take every opportunity in our teaching to immerse the children in engaging, high-quality texts in order to raise attainment in reading and writing. By using quality children’s literature, we can utilise creative teaching approaches to support and develop a whole school love of reading and writing.

As part of our teaching, grammar is also given considerable importance, along with the formal skills of spelling and punctuation. Learning to understand the structure of language is seen as integral to the development of reading and writing skills.