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Over the next two weeks we will be learning the skills needed to write our very own Non-chronological report on Skara Brae, an ancient Neolithic village found in Orkney, Scotland.

Year 3/4: Skara Brae - Non-Chronological Report

Use this video to help you with this week's learning.


Read through the fact file about Skara Brae and answer the questions on the sheet by finding the answers in the text.


This week we are learning all about measuring Capacity and Volume. Each day there are 3 levels of challenge to choose from and a video to help you get started. Feel free to watch the video as many times as needed. 


Y34 Capacity Lesson 1

This is "Y34 Capacity Lesson 1" by Sparken Hill Academy on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


This week we are looking at volcanoes and what happens during a volcanic eruption. To demonstrate your understanding, there is a cross section of a volcano for you to annotate based on the information in the PowerPoint.


Extension: Can you research a specific volcanic eruption that has been reported on. Can you create a fact file for the eruption? Consider the following....

  • Location - Where did it happen? 
  • Date of Eruption?
  • Eruption details - Size of eruption? Deaths? Lava flow?
  • Impact on local area? - People and landscape
  • Safety Measures - Any measures put in place to warn local people? Action plans?