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Over the next two weeks we will be learning the skills needed to write our very own Non-chronological report about Skara Brae, an ancient Neolithic village found in Orkney, Scotland.

Year 3/4: Skara Brae - Non-Chronological Report

Use this video to help you with this week's learning.

Tuesday's Activity

Think of as many different questions as you can that your would like to know about Skara Brae.  Use the diamond ranking grid to then order your questions from the most important to least important. 


If you are accessing this from the website, use some squares of paper or post-it notes to create your diamond.


Today we continue our learning about measuring Volume and Capicity in Litres and Millilitres. Watch the video as many times as you need to help you through today's task. 

Y34 Capacity Lesson 2


Relating to the story, discuss with the children if they have ever lost anything. Ask them to think about how they might feel if they lost something. Consider a range of emotions. Ask them to write about a time when they lost something and describe how they felt.