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In English we are looking at the narrative "Toys in Space" written by Mini Grey. Before reading the book we would like the children to analyse the front cover. What are the features of the book? (Author, Title, Illustrator, Illustrations). We would then like them to make predictions about the front cover. Where is the story set? What can they see? Look at any characters/items; What are they? Their significance? What do they think the book will be about?

We are going to explore the text until 1min 45sec. 


Show the children the page with the characters talking. Discuss how the author has written the page and the styles of writing.

Q-Why has he done this?

-Discuss the layout of the character page.

-Then discuss how the writing gets bigger for bigger and bigger and bigger.

-Discuss the characters and what the words mean.

-Children will write alternative speech for each character based on the characters personality.

-Discuss ideas for each character.

Task 2:

Discuss the toys. Which toys might you like to have and why?

Eg: I'd like to have the brave small sheep because it might help me to sleep when I am worried about my day.

Front Cover

Toys in Space- Book


For maths this week we are focusing on addition of two numbers to formulate number bonds. Using the target board below can children create different addition calculations to make 20 (Year 1) and to 100 (Year 2).

Children are to select a number from the target board e.g. From Year 1 Target Board:  14 +___=20 (Children then need to work out the missing number is 6). From Year 2 Target Board:  56 + __ = 100 (Children then need to work out the missing number is 44).


In science we are looking at Movement and Forces. This lesson we would like the children to investigate how toys move using the force placed on them (Focusing just on the forces, push and pull) and sort a selection accordingly.

Below is a PowerPoint to support the children's learning on this. There is also a sorting sheet and a selection of pictures to sort. If you would sooner do this practically using toys around you home, please do so and send us a photo of this.

Worksheet - Sorting Toys Table

Images to sort - Home Toys