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Year 3&4 Rugby Mega Fest 

Thursday 30th March

Girls Netball match V St Johns 

Wednesday 29th March 

Boys match V St Augustine’s 

Thursday 23rd March 

Boys match V Ordsall 

The boys played yet another league game after school today. A lot better than last week and against the league leaders who have not lost all season. They played a lot better today and although they lost it was only by the 1 goal and was a close game. Well done πŸ‘ 

Trampolining festival 

21st March 

We took a few of our pupils from years 5&6 to this event at Retford Oaks today. It was shame we couldn’t take more but the criteria from Kate was for pupils that had a flair in gymnastics and to develop that into trampolining. 

Boys Match V Prospect 

16th March 

Boys had a home game tonight V Prospect and although they battled hard it was a heavy loss in the end. Prospect were very organised and far superior and the final score was 10-0, our boys didn’t  give up throughout so a lot of credit and maturity there. 

Dance Festival Performance 

Thursday 9th March 

Our dancers returned to Retford Oaks today after 5 weeks of rehearsal in school. The children from Green 2 had a fantastic time and loved the experience and opportunity to perform . Parents and Grandparents came to watch and the whole thing was incredibly well organised. Thank you Kate our SGO . 

Boys league match V StJohns 

Wow! What a game that was tonight, end to end and lots of goals. How we were not 3-0 up in the first 10 minutes I don’t know, chance after chance, great attacking football and a few good saves from St Johns keeper. 
Then against the run of play we were 2-0 down but definitely not out. Our boys got it back to 2-2 at half time. 
Then StJohns scored again to make it 3-2 , we equalised 3-3 then went ahead with a great strike from Harvey Lowe, winning 4-3 with 5 minutes to go, but once again after a fumbled goal kick St. John’s took advantage and 4-4. 
Now with only 2 minutes left we scored again after a blunder  by their defence so now it’s 5-4 in our favour, can we hold on ? No, we couldn’t , we gifted them a goal after another goal kick where we didn’t switch on, the ball landed right in front of their player who struck it perfectly past our keeper. Final score 5-5 

what a cracking game to play in and watch. Thanks to staff and parents that came to support the boys, we really appreciate it. πŸ‘

Bassetlaw Schools Mini Basketball Competition 

Thursday 2nd March 

Once again we entered this competition at Retford Oaks, 6 Boys and 6 Girls from year 6 representing school and 1 of them for the first time. The girls played the first half and the boys played the second  half of each game. 
We played incredibly well and won every match which meant we were 1st place and Gold medals. 


Bassetlaw schools Boccia Competition 

Thursday 23rd February 

Today Mrs Potts took 4 of our pupils to the local schools Boccia competition. There were 7 matches in total and every one played really well. Ollie was an amazing captain and Mrs Potts was very impressed with their teamwork and positive attitude throughout the morning. 
well done πŸ‘ #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork 

Netball match V Rampton 

Thursday 8th February 


Another wonderful friendly match V Rampton after school tonight. This time we played the year 3/4/5 Girls to allow them a chance to play a game. We played 3 x 20 minute thirds and all the girls had a chance to play and represent school. 

Netball finals 

Thursday 9th February 

Today the league finals of the Bassetlaw schools netball league were played at Retford oaks. There were 8 schools involved and everyone played each other. A lot of the girls are still learning positions and it was lovely that Kate are SGO helped them out whilst umpiring. Our Girls played really well, a bit of a bumpy start with some panicking and lose passes but after that they seemed to settle down and work together. 
Well done Girls πŸ‘2 nd place overall . 

Orienteering competition 

Friday 27th January 

We took a group of year 6 to take part in this competition today at Worksop college and organised by our SGO Kate. 
Each pair had to be able to map read and then run around the course finding the 20 markers set out. Once at a marker they had to use a  finger sized digital  scanner to record that they had been there and the time to get there. They were only allowed 20 minutes to do this and if they came back after this time then they were penalised for every minute they were late back. 
Our fastest pair back were Owen and Daniel and then Anna and Cianna. 
we are still wait8ng for the final results , fingers crossed 🀞 we do ok. 

KS1 cricket festival 

Thursday 26th  January

Massive thank you πŸ™ to Notts Cricket Club and Oaks PE for hosting this festival today. Our year 1 pupils absolutely loved it and enjoyed taking part in all the different cricket based activities. 

Gymnastics Festival at Retford Gymnastics Club 

Wednesday 18th January 2023 

Today we had the opportunity to send 15 of our year 3&4 pupils to Retford Gymnastics Club for a one off festival as part of the school games program. All the pupils chosen had previously attended our own after school clubs so they had a bit of an idea of what to expect. However I think that they were quite shocked and pleasantly surprised when they arrived and saw all the amazing apparatus and equipment. A massive thank you to Kate our SGO for organising this morning and to our pupils who absolutely loved the experience. 

Dance Festival  Rehearsal 

Thursday 12th January 2023

TodayMiss Edwards took 15 pupils from her class to this event hosted by Retford Oaks and their dance leaders. 
This years theme is Disney and our group are going to be performing a Frozen dance. The children were taught the moves by the dance leaders, they then rehearse at school and go back in a month to perform their dance at the festival with all the other schools.