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To make our holiday brochures more attractive and interest the reader we had a go at alliteration around certain pictures such as an elephant, pool and the beach.

Identifying features of a holiday brochure

We looked at a variety of holiday brochures and identified the features as we will be completing our own brochure, so keep your eyes peeled! We also magpied some words that we would to use in our own brochure. 

Using commas in lists

In English today, we looked at how to use a comma in a list. We linked it to writing a letter. We used sentences starters such as: Thank you for, I loved seeing, and My favourite animals were.

Non-Chronological reports

Using the facts we gathered from the QR code and from our trip we created a non-chronological report about an African animal. 

Using a QR code


We all choose our own animal that we would like to write a non chronological report about. We chose from a Lion, zebra, black rhino, crocodile, cheetah and elephant. We were then given a LO which contained a QR code. Using the QR code, we scanned the code using our iPad and then gathered facts to help write our report. 

Sorting facts into the right box


We were given four different headings about elephants and then a selection of facts. In pairs we read the facts and then put them under the correct heading. This linked to our topic of writing a non-chronological report. 

Identifying features of a newspaper


We have been looking at newspapers this week and we worked as a class to identify the features the previous day. In this lesson we worked in pairs and identified the features of a newspaper independently. We even got to write on the tables shh!!!