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Spring Term 2

29.03.2017 - Today we practised balancing; first doing floor balances - stretching, crouching, taking our legs off the floor whilst sitting, etc. then we practised balancing as we stepped along the bench and up and down ramps.

08.03.17 - Today, in PE, we focussed on passing, under-arm throwing, and catching. We worked in teams to pass different items from one mat to another, which was lots of fun! Then we practised throwing the ball to a partner and catching it again. At the end of the session we practised our balances again.

01.03.17 - Today we practised balancing! We balanced hoops and beanbags on our arms and heads and even had some team races!

22.02.17 - Today we practised our co-ordination and balancing in lots of different ways - we stood on on leg, balanced on our bottoms with our arms and legs in the air, stepped along the benches and beams with a beanbag balanced on our head and passed a beanbag around our own body, then a friend's too!


Today in PE we have been concentrating on balancing, shapes and travelling. We learnt another 2 shapes called Tuck and Pike. We then practised all of the shapes on the apparatus. We had to see if we could hold a balance in a shape.  Below are some photos of children doing Tuck, Pike, Star and Stretch shapes.