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Summer - No Planet B

In the Summer term we will be looking at the impact we as humans have on the planet. 


Summer 1

In English we will look at the effects of plastic in the ocean through a story called 'Someone swallowed Stanley', look at biographies and write our own on eco warriors such as David Attenborough & Greta Thunberg and letter writing to the government to explain why they need to do more to protect our world. 


Geography will be a local area study on Worksop there will be a focus on mapping skills such as locating our home address, 8 point compass, 6 point grid references, OS maps & how to use them, we can't wait to put our skills to practice on a walk into the local area to look at land use and the human impact. 


In art we will be looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his artwork with nature. 


Science will be looking at plants their functions, life cycles, what they need to survive and labelling the parts. This will be through experiments and a chance to dissect real plants/flowers. 


This is just a few of the things we will focus on keep an eye on our page for uploads to see Green 2's hard work. 


Key Concepts:

 Conservation        Climate Change        Interventions        Shame         Recycling