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English & Maths


Spring 2

Super myth writing - in the week leading up to this we looked at Roman Gods/Goddesses, designed a mythical beast, looked at the structure of myth writing, and had a go at practicing the writing techniques we could include in mythical writing. There was some excellent, imaginative stories produced...

Setting Descriptions - We have started the new term off with the follow up to ‘The Journey’ by reading ‘The Quest’ we built up a bank of rich and varied vocabulary so that we could write a setting description. There was some amazing expanded noun phrases & use of senses...

Diary entries - we put ourselves in the characters shoes and wrote a diary entry; writing in the 1st person and making sure we included lots of emotions and inner thoughts as well as flashy vocab. A couple of great examples...

Diary writing part 2... here you can see a range of abilities smashing it! Their love of writing is great to see!

Spring 1

Writer of the day... LK ... using fronted adverbials to up level our sentences based on the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’.

3 top writers in Spring 1 - week 1 - ‘Escape from Pompeii’ we wrote descriptive pieces including our senses to add drama. We incorporated fronted adverbials and some amazing adjectives too!

🌋 Examples of our stories from our unit on ‘Escape from Pompeii’ 🌋

✏️ Writers of the week ✏️ - for excellent sentences on ‘The Journey’ using expanded noun phrases, adverbs & adjectives to really pack in the detail!

This weeks incredible writers ✏️ We have started creating our stories for the journey. Everyone has worked super hard this week filling their stories with amazing adjectives, fronted adverbials, adverbs and expanded noun phrases.

So impressing to see the children using so many different skills to improve their story writing.

Assessed write can be a daunting task, but Green 2 remembered all the features we had been working on for story writing and used them in their independent setting descriptions. Really proud of how much the children have come on in their writing since September!


8 times table in year 3! Wow! So much concentration this week in Green 2! We used our iPads to help us look at the arrays (Arrays are a pictorial representation to help children understand their times tables) Well done Green 2 for smashing the multiplication & division unit so far!

Really proud of how this chap has settled in to Green 2 and grown in confidence with his maths. Absolutely whizzed through this money lesson today and even onto the challenge page!