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Home Learning Years 3 and 4

Try this Half Term Quiz to check your learning so far.

Remember all of the answers are in the videos I have been making for you.

Watch them as many times as you like to help work things out.

Monday the 4th of January 2021

Note names worksheet 4th January 2021

Now have a go at joining in with these Rhythm activities.

Playing and Practising Rhythms 01

Join in with all the Rhythm games. They get a little harder each time.

If you are feeling confident with Crotchets and Quavers, try this Drum Lesson I made for Years 5 and 6.

Drums in Space lesson 01

This video should help us learn how to play our Rhythms without saying the names of the different drinks out loud.

LKS2 Using Our Inside Voice to Play Music

LKS2 Pitch-Look Sing and Play

This is a counting challenge for the whole school. 

You need a partner to work with for the activity at the end. Good luck.

Whole School Counting Challenge (keep the beat).

Let's have a look at what happens between the beats.

All KS2 Syncopated Rhythms