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Remarkable Rainforest

Remarkable Rainforests

This term we are learning all about the 'Lungs of the Earth', our Remarkable Rainforests. In addition to this, we will be learning about the ancient civilisations of the Mayans and Aztecs, and their involvement of the discovery of early chocolate. 

To support pupil's learning, we will visit the Cadbury World Factory. Here, pupils will deepen their understanding of these ancient civilisations, and begin to recognise how their existence has influenced our world today. 


Please see below for links to our learning gallery, homework menu and knowledge organisers, all of which will help you to support pupils further at home.

P.S.H.E: What makes a good friend.

 Science - Making Poo!

The children made their own replica of the human digestive system using zip lock bags as the stomach and tights as the intestines. By doing this the children could see how food travels through the body and how poo is formed. The children were applying their terminology and gained deeper understanding.

Power Maths - Place Value Using Base 10

Power Maths - Place Value

The children have been using their base 10 equipment to consolidate their knowledge of place value. They were able to correctly partition the numbers on a part whole model using the equipment. We have some great Mathematicians in Green 3!