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Dance Club

Sparken Hill Dance Club is held on a Tuesday night 3:30-4:30pm for LKS2 and on a Wednesday night 3.30-4:30pm for UKS2. 


*New to October 2019 - Tap dance. This will be held 4:30 - 4:50pm following the UKS2 Wednesday dance class.


It is currently lead by Miss Edwards who choreographs and then teaches the children a variety of different dance styles from street, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, modern and musical theatre.  Both clubs work towards a summer dance show with special performances throughout the year. 


Every year the UKS2 team also have the opportunity to take part in a nationwide schools dance competition ‘The Great Big Dance Off’ with the school team being successful in qualifying through to the East Midlands heat for the past 6 years! 


If you would like to join any of the Dance Club’s please see Miss Edwards.






Dance in the Curriculum


This year we are introducing dance into our school curriculum as part of our PE sessions. During the academic year the children will have the opportunity to learn dance skills and routines. This will help to develop their co-ordination, rhythm, creativity and self expression. As well as the obvious fitness benefits that come from dancing regularly. Dance is also an excellent way to improve strength, stamina, concentration skills and flexibility. 


The routines/skills taught will cleverly link in with the children's topics that term.


Miss Edwards and the dance leaders have created dance tutorials whereby classes will be able to watch these and rehearse and master various dance forms. 

The Great Big Dance Off 2020

The Great Big Dance Off 2020 1 Ready to go!
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 2 Miss E is so proud of your hard work & dedication
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 3 Sparken Hill Dance Team!
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 4 Costumes at the ready!
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 5 We salute you!
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 6 The pilot and her air stewards
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 7 Just about to go on stage!
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 8 Performing a piece inspired by first female pilot
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 9
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 10 Final lift
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 11
The Great Big Dance Off 2020 12

A Night @ The Musicals 2 - July 2019




The Great Big Dance Off 2018/19


A massive well done to the UKS2 dance team for getting through to the 2019 East Midlands Regional Finals of 'The Great Big Dance Off' The competition takes place at Nottingham Albert Hall in February! 

They will be performing a samba inspired piece to a Brazilian song which coincides with their topic 'around the world'. Bring on the carnival!


The Great Big Dance Off 2019

Year 3/4 - Tuesday Classes

Year 3/4 - Tuesday Classes 1
Year 3/4 - Tuesday Classes 2
Year 3/4 - Tuesday Classes 3
Year 3/4 - Tuesday Classes 4

Highlights from 2017 & 2018

Summer Show Class of 2017/18

Great British Dance Off Competition - 2017/18 


The dance team were again successful this year in qualifying for this years Regional Competition. Since September they have been preparing and perfecting a new dance routine for  this competition.  The team represented the school in Nottingham proudly showcasing their routine against other Primary Schools. They produced a fantastic performance once again. The theme was Toy Story, the costumes sure were amazing!