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Week beginning 4th January



Each week spellings will focus on a different spelling rule, adding suffixes or the year 5/6 statutory spelling list.

You will find a presentation and poster attached for the week’s spellings. On the first day, we suggest you utilise these resources to check your child can firstly read the word and understands the meaning.

Throughout the week would we like your child to spend 10-15 minutes per day looking at a different spelling activity. These activities may include a word search, look cover write check and a general task sheet.

Finally, your child will be set an assignment on Spelling Shed each week link to the spellings. We would like them to log on an access the games at some point during the week.

Grammar and Punctuation


To support the teaching of Grammar pupils can answer this weeks Grammar Hammer work sheets. The sheets refer to year groups. Stage 5 - Year 5 and Stage 6 - Year 6



This week year 5 we will be working on multiplication and division. Please visit Maths Shed to access the resource or complete the attached worksheet.


This week year 6 are working on the addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators, including mixed numbers. We will also be finding percentages of amounts, including money.