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Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

As part of your child’s educational experience at Sparken Hill Academy, we aim to promote personal wellbeing and development and this has previously been taught through a comprehensive programme of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education that gives children and young people the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, productive, safe and fulfilled lives, both now and in the future.


From September 2020, the Department of Education is making Relationships and Health Education, and Relationships Education compulsory in all schools. They also recommend that schools teach Sex Education. The new guidance focuses on healthy relationships and keeping children safe in the modern world. It also covers a wide range of topics relating to physical and mental health, wellbeing, changing adolescent body, safeguarding and healthy relationships. All of the sessions taught will be age-appropriate and meet the needs of the class.


The guidance will form part of a new RSHE (relationships, sex, and health education) programme, which is taught throughout the school in every year group and is monitored regularly by staff and the governing body. For more information on the new RSHE curriculum, please click the link below.


We will also be posting a survey (attached below) to get an understanding of your views and knowledge on the new RSHE curriculum. All teaching of RSHE will take place in a safe learning environment and will be underpinned by our school ethos and values.


As a school community, we are committed to working with parents, and we know that you will continue to support us with the new RSHE programme. If you wish to be part of our RHSE working party, please email




As part of our RSHE programme of work (which  starts in Foundation Stage and builds throughout school), we culminate with a specific programme of work for our Year 6 pupils based on changes to our bodies, emotions and sex education.

The following powerpoint provides a synopsis of the work we will cover.


We require permissions to deliver this programme of work.


It is imperative that you complete the link below. This gives the ability for you to grant permissions for us to deliver ALL or SOME of the content.

If you have any questions, please just contact or