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Daily Activities

  • Log on to MyOn and read for 15mins, you can also read a book from home if you prefer. Don't forget to complete an AR Quiz when you finish your book.
  • Go to TT Rockstars and practice your times tables for 15min. Why don't you challenge a friend in a competition?
  • Head over to EdShed to do your spellings for the week. There are also this weeks activities to download if you wish.


To support English this week there will be daily zoom meetings.  These will be used to support and guide pupils in accessing the pre-recorded videos and resources.


This week we will be focussing on descriptive writing. By Friday you will have written the opening of a story based upon a fictional event (a meteor strike) and you will have the opportunity to share your writing during Friday's zoom meeting.

Today's Lesson

In today's lesson, we will be celebrating our writing. Join the live zoom meeting at 9:30 to share your writing or listen to the writing of others.



There will be live Maths lesson at 1.30pm  on Zoom.  You will be sent an email link so that you can log on to the lesson each day.  Look out for this in your inbox.


The final lesson focus will be Quick Maths.  The live lesson will give examples of the questions before pupils have the opportunity to go away and answer questions in their own time. 

Wider Curriculum


This week we will be looking at basic techniques parts 2 & 3- watch Paul's videos where he focuses on shapes within objects to assist your sketching. Part 2 sketches a watering can and part 3 a teddy bear. Don't worry if you haven't got a range of pencils just use what you have and try out the techniques learnt form the previous lessons.

Start Drawing: PART 2 - Draw a Watering Can using Shape

Learn to draw a watering can simply. In this art tutorial I look at the basic technique of how we look at an object as a series of shapes and then I explain ...

Start Drawing: PART 3 - Draw a Child's Bear using shape

Learn to draw a teddy bear using line and scribble drawing techniques. In this art tutorial I draw , step by step a cute child's bear by looking for shapes a...