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Lesson 4-Photography

Lesson 3- Natural objects

Andy Goldsworthy Lesson 2 part 1 

Andy Goldsworthy-Lesson 1

We looked at Andy Goldsworthy and the type of art that he creates using nature and photography. We had a go at creating some of his pieces using water colours.

Art lesson with John Dyer

Wednesday 23rd March during the afternoon we have a virtual art lesson with John Dyer. He is an artist we have previously looked at when we did rainforest. In this lesson we created a lions head using pencils and water colours. 


We have learnt about Roman mosaics in art. We have designed our own on paper in a previous lesson and in todays lesson we were using the iPad to explore a variety of ways to create a mosaic design. 


We looked at different Roman mosaics and design a variety of different designs. 

Arches in Roman architecture 

We completed an experiment with different size arches to see which was the most effective. They used books to support the arch and then lay a piece of paper over the top to create the ‘road’. They measured the length and height of the arc and recorded it. Then placed weights on top to see which arch was the strongest. 


We looked at more Roman architecture and discussed the columns. Then we were set the task of seeing which column shape would give the most support. We had to create at least 3 different designs including a triangular prism, cuboid and a cylinder. We measured out our lines by dividing it, these lines then created our guide for folding. Once this was done we used a paper to create the top and placed weights to see which column gave the most support.  

Using a wide range of tools to perform a practical task

We looked at Roman architecture such as the Pantheon in Roman, the Roman baths in bath and a Roman temple in Nimes, France. We discussed the structures and what was similar in each design. We then had a go at creating our own front section of the building creating the pediment and columns. 
We measured, cut and scored cardboard. 

Creating our own Christmas placemat

To create a self portrait- Autumn 2


Halloween Fun


On our last day of term, some of us decided to make our very own pumpkins.

Lion's Head


We were set the task by Miss Walker to draw a lion's head. Once we had drawn the head we used water colours to create the mane.

Recreating a pattern


In our art lesson this week we were given a print from an animal such as a cheetah or zebra. We were then tasked with recreating the pattern but using different colours and equipment to help recreate the patterns. We used paints, pencil crayons, wax crayons and felt tip pens.