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Autumn Term - Remarkable Rainforests

Remarkable Rainforests

'Rainforests' is our topic this term. 


Rainforests are the oldest ecosystems on Earth and they are home to millions of people, plants and animals. There are two types of rainforest; tropical and temperate. We will be looking at tropical rainforests...

Tropical rainforests are found near the equator, in South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The enormous amount of rain, coupled with tropical heat, means that the conditions in the rainforest are humid and damp. In geography we will be using maps and google earth to locate the rainforests of the world, look at their physical features, climate, animals & vegetation. As well as the human features and a look at how tribes still live and survive there. Unfortunately one of the biggest crisis we face is deforestation and the terrible effect this has on the global warming & climate change so this will very much be at the forefront of our teaching. 


In Autumn 2 we will look at the history of the Maya; the way they lived and the way they changed their landscape, this term includes a very exciting trip to 'Cadbury World' we will also look at the history and journey of chocolate and how this started with Maya trading with cacao beans & how they too drank chocolate. We will explore who the Maya people were, how they lived and what achievements they had. 


In Autumn 1; in Art we will be studying John Dyer and his beautiful coloured rainforest artwork. In RE we have a focus on Hinduism and in PSHE we will be looking at 'how to be a good friend'. Science this term involves some really exciting experiments; how the digestive system works by making poo, teeth decay by leaving boiled eggs in different liquids as the topic is teeth and digestion. Then DT that follows art involves us researching, designing and creating our very own chocolate bars.


Maths; we follow the new power maths scheme our first few units include, place value and addition and subtraction. We use concrete, pictorial and ICT to help us solve the mathematical problems. We test times tables throughout the week using 'TT rockstars' so keep practicing at home!


In English we have carefully chosen texts that look focus on current global issues as well as the magical and exciting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Remarkable Rainforest Homework

🍫 Cadbury World🍫 

What a great day! Green 2 were superstars all day and represented Sparken Hill superbly. 
We learnt about where chocolate came from, how the Cadbury factory started and how chocolate is made. We even got to try our own chocolate mix, ride in cocoa bean land & experience a 4D cinema, with a cheeky trip to the play park! 

🎄Jingle Jog 2022🎄... What a fab afternoon! A massive shout out to Green 2 for being amazing!! For being great role models to the school & most of all showing great determination, resilience, teamwork and stamina! Completing a beautiful 3km run around Sherwood Pines well done team ⭐️

Stan the Football Reporter! This term sees the World Cup, we decided to have a class sweepstake and kindly Stan has come in every morning and wrote the scores on our class wall chart!