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MONDAY 1ST MARCH at 9.30am!!! 

On MONDAY 1st MARCH, Worksop Schools will be being virtually visited by Mr Motivator (our thanks go to St Augustine's for organising!!)

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Primary Home Learning

In the event of disruption to the usual routine of attending school due to Covid-19, the school have in place a Home Learning offer, which will enable children to continue to learn progressively at home. Teachers will plan and enable children to access resources, which would support the planned curriculum, that would be in place if the child was attending school as normal. Such instances would include an existing or future National Lockdown, or periods where children would need to self-isolate, either for an individual, a group, a class, as part of a school or whole school isolation. 


We have in place a virtual classroom. Teachers will deliver live and pre-recorded videos to children who are isolating, teaching specific activities. Our Academy has subscribed to Accelerated Reader, myON (reading), Education City, Learning by Questions (LbQ) to support and provide access to high-quality resources, which can be accessed from home. In additon, we have a whole school Twitter page, with class pages associated for specific year groups. This will have videos, activities and challenges shared on it.  Where children need bespoke teaching and learning, they will be supported by the class teacher as well as our SENCOs, Mrs Parker or Miss Walker. 


In addition, children (particularly those with no ICT at home) will been provided with a physical Home Learning pack. Further physical resources will be delivered and distributed so that children have continuous access to resources and Home Learning.  Children are expected to engage fully with Home Learning and parents or carers are expected to ensure that pupils complete daily work. Work is expected to be returned, whereby teaching staff will check it. Where there are technological issues, teachers will contact parents via telephone to overcome any difficulties and provide support. Please ensure in instances of isolation, that parents and carers are able to be contacted by telephone.  Children who are vulnerable, or in great need of accessing technological devices, will be supported by the academy. We will ensure that devices are provided to families in most need. 


During the National lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, we have developed this section on our school website containing daily activities for all year groups and links to resources.


If your child is in a year group that has to be sent home, they should revert to online learning. As such, students will be taught by their normal teacher in their normal class groupings using  Zoom / online videos. In addition, pupils will access lessons that have been posted online (above) in order to attempt to match home learning to school with the intention of minimizing any loss of learning opportunities due to absence.


In addition to online lessons, all years can use the four planning team emails to communicate with school staff or use Class Dojo as normal.  This could be used to share resources with their classes, engage in dialogue and respond to queries.


In this section of our site, we have kept useful links and guides and linked, we have also have kept an archive of the Primary Home Learning site for future reference.


Our emails are: