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Wk Beg 24th Jan

Here are you activities for this week.....have fun!

Daily jobs:

  • practice writing your full name 3 times a day. 
  • watch - choose a letter from your phonics pack that you know and watch this episode of alphablocks.
  • practice counting different objects in your bedroom or home. Can you put them into order of least                       to most amounts?
  • have a go at writing numbers 0 - 10
  •  draw pictures of your family or toys
  •  read your school reading book or log onto Bug Club to access your online reading books.
  •  share stories book that you may have at home or choose one to listen to on youtube 

Activities linked to other areas of the curriculum:


  • Try freezing some of your favourite toys in water - what happens to them? How will you help them to escape?
  • Can you paint/draw/sketch/colour an artic animal?
  • Using your toys can you group them by colour? How many do you have the most of?
  • Can you make zoo or farm using the toys you have? What will happen today? Make up a story!
  • Have a look on google earth at the artic and how far away it is from Worksop - what do you notice that's different to where we live?
  • Try drawing the world - what colours will you need?
  • Could you make a world with paper mache?