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F1 Afternoons

Welcome to FS1 Afternoons!


Our Afternoon session runs from: 12.15pm - 3.15pm


Children who are aged between 3 – 4 attend our F1 setting.

Our daily routines and activities:


When the children come into school they do a special morning job (name writing, number or phonics)

•        Find their own name for self-registration and choose a number to put their name on

•        Register time  and daily routine - we count the children,  look at the  days of the week,  the  weather, & sounds in our name

•        Free play indoor & outdoor (snack - fruit & milk at 10.30)

•        Phonics time in groups

•        Story & home time 


Bedtime readers:


Please help yourself to the selection of bedtime books we have on offer from our class library. Don't forget to take a raffle ticket if you share the book at home with your child.


PE Days:


FRIDAYS are our PE Days! Please send your child in their school PE kit on this day.