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Week Beginning 4th January 2021 Lockdown Week1

Welcome to Year 4's Home Learning!


If your child is shielding, isolating or cannot be in school, please use these home learning pages to support them in keeping up with the learning they are missing. 



Weekly spellings are available on Spelling Shed - Login details should have been given to you by your child's class teacher. Spellings have an assignment and lots of games. If you need a reminder please contact them via Class Dojo or contact


Home Reading


Choose a book from home, use the AR Book Finder link below to check the ZPD is in your range. Try to read for 15 minutes per day. When you've finished your book, you can then quiz on this book using the AR website. The link is below. If you are struggling to find a book at home, there is a selection of books on the Active Learn site for you to read at your level. 


Over the next 3 weeks we will be using the text 'Stone Age Boy'.  Click here to access the text.



Watch the video and discuss the story - Who are the main characters?  What has happened to the boy in the story?  How might he be feeling?  How do you think it happened? How do you think he is feeling?  Are the people in the village reacting to the boy the way you think the would/should be?



Re-watch the video and discuss the story with a family member/adult.  Think about the questions that you might ask Om or the boy.  Use question words: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?


Think of as many questions as you can and write these on some paper/post-it notes.  Then, order them from most to least relevant/important in the shape of a diamond.  (See resource 2)



Re-read/listen to and discuss the text. Then, discuss the main events.


Re-tell the story in the form of a journal/diary entry. You can choose whether they write from the perspective of the boy or Om.  Re-tell the story as if you have just gotten home after your time in the Stone Age to remember the details of your experiences.

English Activity Sheets

Maths- Place value including rounding


Complete the work on place value including rounding in a book or on the worksheets provided. If you need support please contact your class teacher :) 

Wednesday- Place numbers on a number line and rounding to the nearest 100
Thursday- Column Addition and subtraction
Friday- Identifying a pattern 

Topic - The Stone Age


This term we start our wonderful Stone Age topic where pupils learn all about our ancestors and how they lived. 


This weeks lesson is all about helping pupils identify where in time the Stone Age was, and understand how to use a time line. 


Pupils should cut up the different dates and place them onto a timeline in the correct order. It would be really helpful for pupils to have time to discuss it with an adult, paying particular attention to how long ago it was, and how life has changed since. 

Guided Reading
Read through the text and then answer the questions. Remember to write in sentences.
Our focus for this term is "Rocks". This lesson is all about identification of the different types of rock. Work you way through the PowerPoint presentation below and complete the table (Worksheet). Challenge yourself by going into the garden or when out on a walk and look at rocks you find. Can you identify what type of rock it is?
RE- Sacred Text

In RE this term we are going to be looking at stories from the Holy Bible and the Qur’an.


For the first lesson you are going to research the Holy Bible and the Qur’an.


With all the wonderful information you find you will make a fact file about both sacred books. You can spilt your page in two or you do it over one full page. You can draw or add pictures to make your fact file colourful and pretty. Make sure you add in some really interesting facts.

Music with Mr Thornton

Learning some new musical words.

This week we are trying to learn the proper musical words for all of the Rhythms we have learned to say and play.
Watch the video as many times as you like. All you need is a pencil, some paper and a ruler if you need one.

Copy the questions to your piece of paper and write your answers down. Watch the video again to see how you did.