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Summer 1 - Minbeasts, Plants & Growing



This week the children have been looking at setting descriptions. They have looked at a variety of different settings and descriptions that have been written alongside them. In their previous lesson, the children recapped adjectives and practiced using expanded noun phrases in their work. This lesson the children visited the school garden, which will be used as their setting in their setting description. As the children explored, they were asked to think about what they could see, smell, feel and hear. They then came back to the classroom and completed their plan, ready to write up for their next lesson.  



This term, the children have been looking at division. This lesson the children were focusing on sharing a number into equal groups. The children drew onto their tables the groups and used counters to share them equally. This practical lesson really helped them to see visually what sharing is. 



The children have been finishing off their Picasso portraits from last term. They have been looking at how mood can be shown through colour and have used different colours to show a happy and sad side, just like Picasso used colour to do this. They have turned out amazing. 



The children have been learning about the different plants in science this half term. This lesson they were looking at different types (garden, wild, deciduous, evergreen). The children were taught about different plants then were tasked with sorting pictures into the correct category. 



As part of our science topic (plants), the children have potted and grown their own bean plants. They started them in a pot with tissue paper and water so that they could see the seed germinate. Then the children potted them in soil when the seed had gotten a shoot. The children were able to learn about the different conditions needed to grow a seed into a plant. 



In English the children have been working towards writing a fact file about butterflies as part of their mini east topic. This lesson the children used iPads to research different facts using websites and took note of them on scrap paper. Other children worked in small groups to read facts off of an. Information sheet provided by the teacher. They had lots of fun finding the strangest facts that they could use in their fact file.