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Summer 1 - Minibeasts, Plants & Growing

Pond Exploration.

This week we have explored the school pond, in order to stimulate our senses and enable us to write a fabulous setting description for our writing.

Jubilee Celebrations

Just a few memories from our Jubilee Celebrations from this week, Including our Jubilee whole school dance.

Butterflies - The Final Farewell

Sadly, we said goodbye to our beautiful butterflies. The children have thoroughly enjoyed watching the life cycle. We were very sad to see them go.

Drawing On The TABLES!!!!!

Ssssh! Don't Tell Mr Lilley that we have been drawing on the tables!!! This week we have explored the concept "Groups Of" so we have been grouping different amounts. It's been so much fun!!

Butterflies - Update

Our butterflies, all bar one, have emerged from their chrysalis. The children even got to witness one actually breaking through the chrysalis, they were amazed. The children have thoroughly enjoyed watching the life cycle unfold. The children have become quite attached to our fluttery friends. The butterflies, will remain with us until the end of next week. we will then say our goodbyes and release them to start the cycle all over again.


Our butterflies have entered the next stage of the life cycle. they have all become chrysalis. Hanging from the top of the pot lid for a few days, waiting for the chrysalis to harden. They have now been transferred to the chrysalis station. Whilst the transition took place, the children witnessed a chrysalis vibrating (A natural instinct, when they feel threatened). The transition process was a success. They will now hang there until they emerge as butterflies.

Yellow 3 Picasso's

This week the children have painted their own unique portraits in the style of Picasso's cubism, whilst exploring his use of colour. they have loved this work.

Human & Physical Geography

The children have explored the geographical concepts of human and physical features. they have demonstrated a fantastic understanding of the two concepts. The photographs show you the skill of sorting different human and physical features. The justifications behind their choices were incredible.

Our Visit To Tropical Butterfly House

Yellow 3 had a fantastic visit to the Tropical Butterfly House at the start of the week. we fed the otters. meerkats and birds. we had birds in our hair and on our arms, goats nibbling our bags, giant tortoise fighting, red squirrels running in wheels, iguanas laying above our heads and a raven that can paint....YES PAINT! Not to mention a couple of cowering staff who were a little apprehensive around our fluttering friends!

Welcome - Sugar, Daisy, Strawberry, Sunshine & Bruno 

Yellow 3 have some new additions - an army of caterpillars. Each class has their own little army that they will nurture until they become beautiful butterflies. We will keep you updated on their progress.