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Daily Activities

  • Log on to MyOn and read for 15mins, you can also read a book from home if you prefer. Don't forget to complete an AR Quiz when you finish your book.
  • Go to TT Rockstars and practice your times tables for 15min. Why don't you challenge a friend in a competition?
  • Head over to EdShed to do your spellings for the week. There are also this weeks activities to download if you wish.


To support English this week there will be daily zoom meetings.  These will be used to support and guide pupils in accessing the pre-recorded videos and resources.

This week we will continue to focus on non-chronological reports. By the end of this sequence of lessons we will have written our fact file about an Egyptian God or Goddess.


Today's Lesson

 In today's lesson, we will be finding out about some of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses by completing a God/Goddess research. Use the weblink to help with your research. Join the live zoom meeting at 9:30 and watch the video to guide you through today’s activities.  Read the text and answer the questions.



There will be live Maths lesson at 1.30pm  on Zoom.  All zoom links will be posted on class dojo so that you can log on to the lesson each day.  

Today's lesson focus will be Line Graphs. The live lesson will give examples of the questions before pupils have the opportunity to go away and answer additional questions in their own time. 


For today's lesson you have a choice. 

a - Access the attached questions

b - Access the LBQ questions

Line Graphs - Please download and print question sheets for the relevant year group.

Wider Curriculum


This week in Spanish we are going to recap the numbers up to 20 and then be able to use these numbers to identify ages.

Spanish For Kids - Numbers in Spanish from 1 to 20

Spanish For Kids - Numbers in Spanish from 1 to 20

Happy Birthday!

Use your link from Class Dojo to watch the video on birthdays.