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Spring 1 - Toys

Spoon Puppet

We have almost completed our spoon puppets. We linked this to the book "Toys in Space" and chose a character to model our spoon puppet on. We have practised a running stitch and and over stitch to join two pieces of material together. we have looked at ways to create different features of a character by using a range of materials.


During this term we have looked at Christianity and belonging. We have focused on Baptism. We observed a baptism; looking at features of a baptism, words spoken and actions carried out. The children re-enacted a baptism in various roles to ensure they had a secure understanding of what a baptism was, the role of each person and the significance of items e.g. the candle, bible, holy water etc.


English - Toys in Space

In English we have been reading the book "Toys in Space" The children have thoroughly loved this book and have been eager to read on. Today we have looked at the importance of a good character description. We conducted an exercise, whereby the teacher gave the children a verbal description of the character "Hoctopize" (The children had not seen an image of this character). From this description the children then created a piece of artwork to represent what they envisaged Hoctopize to look like. As you can see the results were amazing!

Science - Forces To Make Toys Work and Move

This week we have been looking at forces and what forces are used to make certain toys move or work. We have tested some out and then used images of the toys to sort. We have lots of fun doing this.

Maths - Using a Tens Frame

This week we have been focusing on subtraction. We have used at tens frame as a visual representation of a calculation.

Physical Education

In PE, we have been practicing our movements in gymnastics. Exploring different types on jump (Flight) with control.