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At Sparken Hill Academy, we believe that:

  • Pupils need to attend school every day so that they can take full advantage of the educational opportunities available.

  • Poor attendance rates and persistent lateness undermines the educational process and leads to educational disadvantage.

  • Children who attend school every day make better progress and have better life chances.


Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that their children:

  • Attend school every day
  • Arrive at school on time, in uniform and in a condition to learn
  • Are absent only for reasons that can be authorised (please see Attendance Policy)
  • Inform the school of the reason for any absence and the likely return date, before 9.00am on the first day of absence. By telephone call or text.
  • Inform the school office  and class teacher prior to a medical and/or dental appointment, a copy of the appointment letter will need to be seen. If possible please always try to arrange these for out of school hours.


School contact details:

Telephone: 01909 534061

Text:           07590 223940

or via the Scholarpack APP


School opens at 8.45am and lessons start at 9.00am. If your child arrives after this time you will be required to sign in and give a reason for being late.  Register's close at 9.10am, arrival after this time incurs an unauthorised absence mark which leaves parent/carers at risk of receiving a Penalty Fine. 


Attendance Regulations September 2015
There have been changes to the law which govern attendance in schools and absence from school during term time. Amendments have been made to the 2006 regulations in the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013.  These amendments made clear that Head Teachers/Principals may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

These legislation changes have been made by the Department of Education in order to improve attendance and emphasise the importance of ensuring that no valuable school time is lost. If you take this in the context that even if your child has 100% attendance over the whole school year, this only accounts for 14% of their total time; so every hour of that 14% in school is absolutely essential for their future life chances.
Please work with us to ensure we make the most of every minute of your child's valuable time in school by getting them here everyday, on time and ready to learn.




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