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Autumn 2 - The Great Fire of London

Artwork for the Community.

As a school, for the festive period, each class designed their own unique Christmas festive artwork. This artwork was then donated to a local care home for them to brighten up the care home during the festive season. The children in Yellow 3 absolutely loved this piece of creativity.


This lesson we went on a winter walk around school to observe seasonal changes. We have previously taken part in a winter walk at the beginning of the term. We have come on another one to see if there are any new changes now that we are deeper into the season. We again observed any changes we can see. We then came back to class and compared this to our previous findings. Here are some photos of us exploring.


The Nativity

Over the last 6 weeks the children have been learning about the Nativity through a play: The Big Little Nativity. The children too part in singing, dancing, movement on/off stage, verbal re telling of a story (Developing Speaking and listening skills) and providing actions. They did incredibly well and performed to over 300 parents/carers.


Subtraction Using Part Whole Models.

In Math this week we have looked at subtraction with a particular focus on subtraction using the part whole model as reinforcement and to aid understanding, The children have worked really hard on this strategy and have been able to apply the skill successfully.

Rock Kidz

Today the children had the opportunity to work with a company called “Rock Kidz” This company provides learning about bullying and how to prevent bullying in a dynamic way: using music and dance to convey the message that bullying isn’t ok and that there are people who you can trust to STOP bullying.


We have learnt so much about The Great Fire of London. So much so we decided to put our knowledge and understanding to the test. We re-enacted scenes from The Great Fire of London. Thinking about how the fire was tackled, the equipment used, thoughts and feelings of those affected by the fire and the impact it had on people.



We have looked at reversible and irreversible changes.


We have been working on dynamic balance and agility in their REAL PE lesson today. Jumping forwards, backwards and sideways with control and balance.



Excitement was overwhelming today. We had a special delivery through the post, it came in a huge box. The instructions on the box required our teacher to wear special gloves before opening the box further. These gloves were to protect the items inside the box. 

Inside, was something we never imagined we would see, it was actual artefact from The Great Fire of London. We were overwhelmed. Our teacher carefully removed the items one by one. There was part of a water hose, a leather bucket (We thought this held a tiny amount of water), a fire fighters hat and a fire hook. 

We explored that these artefacts were significant in learning about the fire and helped historians and us as children to understand more about The Great Fire Of London.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Today we looked at features of fiction and non fiction text. From this we could establish what is fiction and what is non fiction. We worked in small groups to sort a selection of books under the headings “Fiction” and “Non-Fiction”.


Math -Part Whole Model

We explored the part whole model. We have discussed that, in the example we worked on the two parts, when put together, make up the whole. We practically explored this concept and have started to really understand the concept and how it is used.