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Autumn 2 - Toys


We have started to use our number lines to support our addition learning. This lesson we were jumping up the number line to find the total of adding 2 numbers together. Here are some images of our learning. 


In science we have been investigating forces. We have defined “push” and “pull” and then explored objects we use these forces on. This lesson we were exploring objects in our classroom which we apply push or pull to. Here are some photos of our learning.   


In our history lessons we have been learning all about different toys. This lesson we had a visitor come in from a museum and show us all toys from the past. We discussed how these toys were used and who was able to afford toys. Here are some pictures of our learning. 

Children In Need 2023


This half term we have been introduced to the part hole model. We have discussed the vocabulary ’part’ and ‘whole’ in order to have a secure foundation for the next steps. We then have looked at a part hole model and have used this to find number bonds. Here are some pictures of our learning.