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Over the next two weeks we will be learning how to write our very own explanation text for how to make our very own Stone Age hand axe from a bar of soap.


To find out more about Stone Age hand axes, watch this English Heritage video link by clicking here.


Tuesday's Lesson

Use the resource to match up the features of an explanation text with the correct definition.  Once this is completed, order them from top to bottom in the order that you would expect to find them in an explanation text.


This week focuses on all things 'Place Value'. Pupils will practice and consolidate paritioning, rounding and fully understanding the value of each digit in a number. 

Video for Lesson 1, 2 and 3


This week we are looking at and exploring pitch. We would like you to investigate pitch in relation to how much water is in a bottle? Is it higher or lower? There is a PowerPoint to take you through the lesson, with a challenge at the end.