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Year 5&6 Sports Day 

Wednesday 22nd June 

What a scorcher of a day today, and the whole of year 5&6 had an opportunity to represent their class and house in the their sports day events. These ranged from Hurdles to sprint on the track. Howler and long jump on the field and speed bounce and target throw on the MUGA.

Overall winners were Blue 5 snatching victory over Blue 4 by 10 points so so close and went down to the final race.

House winners were Sandringham.  

Year 1/2 Sports Day 

21st June 

Today was KS1 turn for sports day and after the success of last years changes we decided to keep it as a festival of sports that they have covered in their PE lessons this year. We had athletics, these included hurdles, sprint, speed bounce, howler and 🎯 target throw. Then there was 🎾 tennis , ⛳️ golf, basketball πŸ€, πŸ₯š egg and πŸ₯„ spoon and an obstacle course. 
Each class split into 2 groups and rotated around the activities which were run by our Sports Crew and a few extra helpers. Each group were awarded points by the crew for the school games values of Respect, Determination, Self-Belief, Honesty and TeamWork. 

Year 3/4 Sports Day 2022


Year 3/4 have really enjoyed sports day... all the children showed great skills, endurance and resilience in their running, jumping and throwing. It was great to see so many activities happening at one time, meaning the children got more opportunities to take part in more events.

There was races from a 100m sprint, hurdles, 150m lap & 300m lap. Then standing long jump, speed bounce, howler, target throw, basketball shoot out & even a frisbee throw to name a few!

The house winners were Buckingham and the class winners were Green 5! But there was some amazing achievements from all children!

Furthermore, it was great to have families back in to support and cheer all the children on and lovely to hear all the classes cheers and chants for their class mates, as well as cheering others on too!

year 5&6 Inter House Jubilee Sports

Wednesday 25th May 

As part of the jubilee celebrations we decided to use the opportunity to get the pupils from years 5+6 involved in representing their houses in a variety of sporting events, after all the houses are all named after our Royal πŸ‘Έ Houses and castles. Therefore it seemed a great opportunity to get the flags out and celebrate πŸŽ‰ in style. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
There were 4 different competitions, tennis 🎾  basketball πŸ€ football ⚽️ and dodge ball and finally a special request from Oliver for an eating competition. Can you eat a donut 🍩 with your hands behind your back and without licking your lips?



KS1 MultiSkills 

Tuesday 24th May 

This was organised by the SportsCrew as part of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in school.