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Foundation Subjects


In this lesson we started looking at the 8 compass points. We had a go at using compasses and the compass app on iPads to find compass points in the classroom. Then we applied our knowledge by working out which countries were in the north/south etc of Africa.

In this lesson we looked at the human geography of Africa, we first mapped out some famous human landmarks across Africa, then following a class discussion we further researched; what their purpose was, but also went further by looking at the positive/negative impacts of them.

Time Zones - we really enjoyed looking at why we have different time zones. We identified where the time zones start at GMT and then from this we had to work out what time it would be in different cities across the world. Then, in the following lesson we looked at lines of longitude & latitude... take a look at the amazing explanation below to demonstrate our understanding!


Creating our own food chains; children were all given a different producer, consumer & predator and had to work out different food chains, we also discussed what would happen if one of the species became extinct/endangered & the impact to the rest of the food chain.

Some beautifully presented ‘African food chains’ using arrows to show the way the energy travels too!

Labelling the human skeleton correctly and recognising the importance and the job of the human skeleton!

Looking at animal skeletons & arranging them into endoskeleton, exoskeleton & identifying if they are vertebrae or invertebrate!


Our first art lesson for the term... we looked at how to create textures and different colours with our watercolours to create the effect of African animal prints

In this art lesson we looked at the colour wheel and how we create secondary colours using our primary colours & the colours that would compliment each other. As you can see we were very good at mixing our colours. 🎨

Looking at the artist ‘Andy Warhol’ we had a go at recreating our own pop art, thinking carefully about our choices of colour to make our paintings POP!

Steven Brown - Today we looked at this artist, we had a focus of looking at brush strokes as well as our colour palette 🎨. Look at our amazing lions 🦁!