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Daily Activities

  • Log on to MyOn and read for 15mins, you can also read a book from home if you prefer. Don't forget to complete an AR Quiz when you finish your book.
  • Go to TT Rockstars and practice your times tables for 15min. Why don't you challenge a friend in a competition?
  • Head over to EdShed to do your spellings for the week. There are also this weeks activities to download if you wish.

Grammar and Punctuation

To support the teaching of Grammar pupils can answer this weeks Grammar Hammer work sheets.

The sheets refer to year groups. Stage 5 - Year 5 and Stage 6 - Year 6


This week in English we will be researching and making a factfile about the different social classes in Ancient Egyptian times. 

In today's lesson we would like you to read through the resource sheets then use your knowledge to complete the activity. In the activity you need to read through the statements, cut them out and stick them under the correct headings.



There will be live Maths lesson at 1.30pm  on Zoom.  All zoom links will be posted on class dojo so that you can log on to the lesson each day.  

Today's lesson focus will be Information in Tables. The live lesson will give examples of the questions before pupils have the opportunity to go away and answer additional questions in their own time. 


For each lesson you have a choice 

a - Access the attached questions

b - Access the LBQ questions 

Information in Tables - Please download and print the question and answer sheets.

Wider Curriculum


This week we will be looking at the circulatory system. Read the text (either basic or challenging) and answer the questions specific to that text. Your next task is to plan your own game show/board game. Your questions must relate to the circulatory system and you must have the correct answer written down. We will be trying some of your questions out when we all return to classroom.