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Animals including humans - Digestive System - To kick off our science topic this term we looked at the insides of our body, we watched a really cool video from ‘operation ouch’ showing a tiny camera being swallowed and followed it’s path through the digestive system. So to put our knowledge to the test we labelled the parts of the digestive system with partners! Using technical vocabulary along the way!

Green 2 had lots of fun in their science lesson learning all about how the digestion system works through making their own poo! The seal bag represented their stomach, they put the ‘food’ in the stomach, added the orange which was the ‘stomach bile’ then crushed and churned it up like a stomach. They then fed it through a tight which was like the ‘intestine’ squeezed out the excess juices which was like the body taking out the vitamins, mineral and nutrients to then pump around the blood. And finally cut the end of the tight to help the poo come out. We then explained how the digestive system works much better!

Lesson 3 - we looked at the different types of teeth and their functions! We carefully colour coded the teeth to show the different types and explaining their basic function.