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Labelling the parts of a flower and pollination

What do plants need to grow?

This term we are looking at plants. In todays lesson we planned an investigation into water plants need. We have put a seed in a clear cup with cotton wool, put one in the dark with water, one in the cold with water and one near the window without water. We also have a seed with everything it needs (but we do not know this yet)

Light-Planning our investigation

In this term, we are looking at light. We are planning an investigation to do with shadows. We know that a shadow is formed when an object is blocking the light but we want to know if the shadow will become bigger or smaller the closer or further away the light source is. 

Investigating the strength of magnets




In Science, we are starting a new topic called Forces. Before we learn about the different forces we need to do a vocabulary lesson. We chose the top 9 words in this topic that we will be using the most, put them underneath each box and then researched the definitions. To ensure that we understood what each definition meant, we draw an app cover to cover the definition. 

Mighty Muscles

We looked at how much muscles worked and used the words relaxed and contract to describe how they work. As part of an experiment we had to predict which muscles we would use if we were reading a book or running and then we performed the activity to see if our prediction was right.



In science we have been learning about the different types of teeth. We know that there are four types of teeth; incisors, canine, pre molars and molars. In one of our lessons we created a set of teeth using play dough and then labelled the teeth. Have a look and see what you think!