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Table top speech mark fun!

Pupils enjoyed working collaboratively to explore using speech marks in narratives. In pairs, pupils took turns being in charge of the 'reporting clause' and the 'speech clause'. In addition to this, pupils practiced using the reporting clause at the beginning, end and even in the middle of a sentence. We discussed the impact of this as a class. 

Grouping animals (and human children ;) in a variety of ways!

Pupils began by grouping themselves using a variety of sorting criteria, to help them understand the purpose of grouping. They then applied this understanding to grouping living things. Pupils discussed and chose ways they could group their animals using their scientific knowledge. 

Timelines and understanding Ancient History

Pupils were getting to grips with understanding time lines today. We discussed terms such as 'pre history' and 'living memory', as well a key events from the Ancient Maya civillisation. Pupils worked hard to understand the terms 'Common Era (CE)' and 'Before Common Era (BCE)', and what these terms mean. We visited our school timeline, recapped all of the historical dates they have previously learnt, and discovered when the Ancient Maya Civillisation began and ended. 

Pupils used counters and place value whiteboards to recap and broaden their understanding. Some pupils extended this further, using Base 10, investigating the place value of 4 digit numbers. 

Science - Food chains!

In Science today, pupils have explored food chains and their importance. Pupils have developed their understanding of how delicate our ecosystems are and exploring what might happen if certain species died out. 

The EGG-speriment- investigating the effect certain drinks have on tooth enamel

Pupils have been learning all about different types of teeth and substances that damage them. Pupils planned and carried out their experiments, over time, to see the effect these drinks have on the enamel. 

PE - Ball skills development

Pupils have been aspiring footballers today, focusing on controlling the ball. This has been very challenging for some and all have enjoyed developing their skills further. It's trickier than it looks! Pupils have been using different parts of their feet to move, stop and control the ball. 

Digestion practical - messy learning experiences!

One of our messiest practical activities yet! Today, pupils simulated the main parts of a human digestive track. We used a bag for the stomach, tights for the intestines...and a cup for the toilet. Pupils really loved getting involved in this activity and really got to see, a simplified version, of what happens to their food once it reaches their stomach. Pupils were fascinated by how the urine (orange juice) was squeezed out as it passed through their intestines. And of course, they all loved helping the solid bodily waste (squashed banana and biscuit poo) reach the rectum and toilet (cup). A thoroughly worthwhile lesson, with lots of great discussion and practical experience for all. 

Exploring parts of the digestive system and discussing their functions

A technical look at all the different parts of the body used in the digestion process. Pupils really felt like scientists today, learning all the technical names for the different internal organs used to process their food. 

Exploring place value

Pupils enjoyed using all the manipulatives during today place value lesson. After having lots of practice using the different types of physical apparatus, pupils were then encouraged to choose the resources they felt would support them best with the place value work set. 

Today, pupils enjoyed working as a team to solve various ball problems. All pupils joined in well and some even took on leadership roles, helping and organising their teams where needed.