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 Coronavirus Catch-up Premium


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium is additional funding that the Government have made available during the 2020-21 academic year to all state funded schools.  These funds are for schools to use to support where pupils’ learning and wellbeing have been impacted by school closures and subsequent disruption due to the pandemic.


The funds are allocated to all schools on a ‘per pupil basis’ for all pupils in Reception through to year 11.  Special schools receive £240 per pupil.


Schools are free to spend the Coronavirus catch-up premium as appropriate based on the particular needs of their pupils and the professional judgement of teachers and school leaders. Schools are accountable for how they use the additional funding and are expected to evaluate and monitor the impact of different approaches.


We are focusing on supporting those pupils most effected by the pandemic; because they have not been able to attend school during the ‘lockdown’ or because they are struggling to adjust to the changes made to the school day resulting from the pandemic.


How we will use the Coronavirus catch-up premium to address those barriers

  • iPads to be utilised in school and then taken home to families who don’t have home devices and whose children are therefore missing out on learning. This was the single most influential factor during lockdown. This was augmented by the Laptops to schools initiative and subsidised further by school funding. The impact of this is that all KS2 pupils at Sparken Hill now have access to a 1-1 iPad and KS1 / FS have (on average) 1 between 2.


Amount received

For the 2020-2021 academic year Sparken Hill has been allocated: £40,320


How we’ll measure the impact of Coronavirus catch-up premium

We use a range of approaches to collect, collate and analyse data on pupil progress, including measuring the impact of the above interventions on attainment through Annual Reviews and attainment Level progress. 

We will also complete some case studies to demonstrate the impact of the COVID-19 funding for a cross section of pupils.


Statutory Information for Parents

A paper version of any of this information is available at the school office if required.