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English & Maths

English - Spring 2

On World Book Day; we wrote our own book reviews ‘Bookstagram’ reviewing previous books we have previously studied/read in year 3. We looked at books such as Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, There’s a Rangtan in my bedroom, Stig of the Dump & Stone Age Boy. It was great to reflect back and share our favourite chapters, characters & why we would recommend this book!

English - Spring 1

Our first English topic is ‘Winter Poetry’ we have looked at rhyming poems. We started by looking at the features... then in this lesson we used wintery pictures of ‘Clumber Park’ to gather adventurous adjectives based on our senses...

In this lesson we created expanded noun phrases based on the wintery settings. There was some amazing examples...

Today we looked at rhyming couplets & syllables - we used claps to understand how many syllables were in words (just like in our phonics) and then looked how many syllables were in a line to help the poem flow. We used our own ideas and rhyme zone to find loads of rhyming words to go with our wintery words, in prep for our own poem writing.

❄️ Our Beautiful Rhyming Winter Poetry! ❄️

This unit saw us lead up writing our own instructions for how to wash a woolly mammoth! I was really impressed with the use of technical language such as, fronted adverbials, imperative verbs, adverbs and plenty of added humour!

A cold diary entry based on the ‘Stone Age Boy’... super impressive to see the children remembering the features and style of a diary piece. But also capturing the thoughts, feelings & emotions of the boy and what he got up to during his journey!

Excellent Expanded Noun Phrases!

An excellent game to test our comprehension skills! 📚


In our measurement unit we had a go at measuring in cm & metres, it was great to be hands on and measure 📏 how long our arms were, remembering to start at 0cm!

Multiplication & Division Unit - We used multi link cubes to help us share & group numbers (diving 2, 5 & 10)

More multi link action... making arrays with the cubes to help us in our multiplication & division unit! We find using manipulatives in maths helps us have a concrete model to solve problems.

Take a look at how Green 2 are progressing up the TTRS class chart we have some super fluent players now. The speedier & more accurate your retrieval the higher you can climb! Keep on the hard work and practice at home too!