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Foundation Subjects


Green 2 are very excited to start their history lessons; we visited the whole school timeline to identify the period of time in which the Romans became powerful and the Roman Empire began. Also which time the Roman gained power in Britain. We were able to link prior topics and remember that the decline of the Roman Empire allowed the Saxons then Vikings, to be successful in gaining land in Britain. We also thought about lots of different chronology vocabulary. Such as the word ‘concurrence’; so during the Roman Empire was also at a time when the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Maya were successful in their own territories. We then ordered our own timeline of the British Roman Empire and thought about how to scale and the correct order from BC to AD. It was interesting to learn that Rome began as an empire then became a republic before ending as an empire. So we added ‘Empire’ & the word ‘Kingdom’ to our vocabulary banks.


Gymnastics - Creating a sequence of 4 shapes

Still image for this video

Cricket - throwing and catching

Dodgeball Festival 2024


Science Investigation: How do objects move on different surfaces? We tested out what difference types of materials had on allowing our toy cars to travel. We created a ramp and timed how long the car took to travel down on different surfaces and thought about why. We made predictions, identified what variables we should keep to make it a fair test, recorded our results and wrote an evaluation on our findings.

Identifying how shadows are formed and how the length of the shadow changes when the object is moved away from the light source.

Identifying how shadows move and change in length depending on the time of day. ☀️


We created our own set of lungs 🫁 to look at the effects of asthma and what care we can give should someone around us have an asthma attack.

Taking risks - we discussed what everyday risks there are and where we can try and make the risks low risk/where we can keep as safe as possible.

Creating Lego towns - thinking about inclusive communities


Diwali 🪔 lamps

Puja trays - we looked at the meanings of Hindu worship and what they use in prayer 🙏

Celebrating the Holi Festival with a whole lot of colour 🌈


We used our measuring skills & abilities to follow instructions to create pediments and columns and ensuring they will connect together to make a stable model.

Testing the arch strength - recognise how engineers/architects would have worked out if the arches would be strong enough.

Final piece - creating our Roman arches 🏛️🏟️