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After School Club Schedule and Booking Form November to December 


Please read -  after school clubs are run (in the most) by teaching staff in their own time. We have a few additional clubs which school pay for. Please only apply if your child has a genuine interest in the sport/activity and is prepared to work hard to learn new skills, behave appropriately and join in fully with sessions each week. 



How do you express an interest in a club?


1: Check the timetable below.

2: Check the club is available for your child's year group.

3: Complete the booking form

4: Deadline for interest- Will be by Wednesday 18th October 

5: Confirmations for places will be sent via the School App/Texts. 


Please read the confirmation texts carefully for start dates.


Please Note - Maximum numbers for clubs are different and depend on a number of factors.


Do not send your child to a club unless you receive communication confirming your child has a place.




Year 3/4 Dance (Miss Edwards)

Year 5/6 Orchestra (Mr Thornton)

Year 3/4/5/6 Drama Club (Miss Chambers) 

year 1/2 Craftynoon Club (Mrs Phoenix) This takes place in FS and pick up is from FS 



Year 5/6 Dance (Miss Edwards) - Continuing with same pupils

Year 1/2 Gymnastics (External Coach) 

Year 5/6 Orchestra (Mr Thornton) - Continuing with same pupils



Year 3/4/5/6 Gymnastics (External Coach)

Year 3/4/5/6 Change 4 life (Mrs Paton & Mrs Tweed) 



Year 4/5 Badminton Club (Mr Collins) 

Year 5/6 Orchestra (Mr Thornton) -  Continuing with same pupils



Year 5/6 Sports Hall athletics Club (Mr Johnson & Mrs Paton) 


To find out more about the clubs and see them in action, visit the pages below.