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After School Club Schedule and Booking Forms for the Summer Term

NB: If you have already received a text confirming your child can continue with a club next term, DO NOT complete the booking forms. If you no longer want the place please respond via the app or let the teacher in charge of the club know.


Please see the time table and booking links below. All after school clubs operate in a slightly different way. Some clubs will offer places for a set period of time (a half term),  others maybe be able to take bookings if they are not full and some may operate with a waiting list system. Please CHECK THE YEAR GROUPS before clicking the link to register your child's interest. Confirmations will be sent via the School App/Texts before we return to school.


NB: Do not attend a club unless you receive confirmation in the holidays confirming your child has a place on the club.


Clubs will start back the first week






To find out more about the clubs and see them in action, visit the pages below.