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In RE the children have been learning about belonging. They have identified different groups and clubs which they belong in and explored the feeling of belonging. This lesson the children looked at christenings and how this welcomes a new baby into Christianity. In order to understand this in depth, the children used drama to set the scene. 


In P.E. The children have been learning elements of gymnastics. This lesson the children were working on their balancing and jumping skills. Some children even practiced their rolling off a bench onto the mat. The children had to engage their core to remain balanced whilst walking across the beams. 



In English the children have been looking at brochures and their purposes. This lesson was an introduction to brochures, what they are, what their features are and what their purpose is. The children examined many different examples of brochures and then as a class created a mind map of everything they had learnt.  




The children have continued to look at the forces ‘push’ and ‘pull’ in their science lessons. This lesson the children created a power point on their laptops in groups of 4 using the images they took last lesson. The children picked the design of their PowerPoint and created a title page introducing the topic. They then inserted pictures that they took from a file into their slides and wrote a caption for each one.



In science the children have been looking at forces. They have investigated what ‘push’ and ‘pull’ is and had turns to see how movement and motion is affected by this. This lesson the children began to investigate how they can move their bodies and other objects using either push or pull. They took photos of themselves in class conducting push and pull in order to compile these into a PowerPoint later on. They really enjoyed this and worked well in small groups to achieve their objective. 


The children have been practicing their phase 3 tricky words this week. They love the 'tricky word song' which has been helping them remember how to spell them. This lesson the children listened to the song and then practiced writing them on a whiteboard. They then went on to writing these words in a sentence to see if they could apply their knowledge. 


In DT the children have been looking at puppets and how to make them. They have first researched all the different types of puppets and their purposes and then designed their own. This lesson the children had a go at making their own. They cut out their template and then drew around it on 2 pieces of felt. They then cut these out and stuck them together, making sure they left a gap to put their finger in. The children then waited for them to dry and decorated them.  



In History the children have been looking at toys and how they have changed over time. They first have looked at toys within living memory. This lesson they have looked at toys their grandparents may have played with. They looked at the features of these toys and then discussed their similarities and differences. The children then completed a sorting task, putting the toys into past and present toys, to see if they could apply what they had learnt. 


In Maths  the children have started looking at numbers within 20. This lesson they were exploring tens and ones. They counted up how many tens there were and how many ones there were and used this to find out the total number. We also used some physical resources to help us understand.