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Spring 2 - Healthy Me

Fruit Smoothies

This week we have been making fruit smoothies. We have sampled different combinations and sort our preferences. We have looked at what is available on the market to buy and undertaken a survey to find out other people's preferred choices. They were delicious.


This week we have looked at poetry and focused on performance poetry. We have looked at "The Tale of Georgie Grub" and recited the poem with actions. We have also wrote our own versions of the poem...with a slight twist.

Yes Chef!

This week we have explored healthy eating and looked specifically at lunchboxes and how we eat healthy in school. Chef Mark came and discussed how we make healthy meals: including his famous beetroot brownie. He discussed the healthy eating plate, allergies and even his job role. The children loved working with Chef Mark.

World Book Day 2022

We have had a booktastic time. We've loved every minute of this week from hearing our favourite stories, being part of the World Book Day Live events, creating images that books create in our minds, becoming story tellers etc. Most of all we have enjoyed dressing up!