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Spring 1 - The World Around Me


This half term we have practiced using the chrome books. This lesson we logged on, went onto Google drive and created our class folders. We worked in small groups in order to do this. Here are some photos. 


In our geography lessons we have been completing lots of fieldwork. Using our skills, we have created a map showing an aerial view of the school. This lesson we were creating our key and using colours to show the different parts. Here are some photos


In RE we have been learning about belonging. We have thought about belonging in our own lives and also how Christian’s show they belong to their faith. This lesson we learnt about christenings. In order to understand how new babies are welcomed into the Christianity, we used drama to act out our own christening. Here are some photos. 


We have done a lot of work around puppets this half term. We have looked at different types and designed our own. We then used sewing skills to create our own spoon puppet. Here are some of our finished masterpieces. 


This half term we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We have looked at naming and recognising both types of shape. Here are some photos of our learning. 


In our English lessons we have been completing work about the story “The Snowman”. We have previously read through the story and answered some comprehension questions surrounding it. We have then sequenced the story to ensure it is embedded. This lesson we were using drama to re-enact the story. We thought about the characters feelings and emotions in different parts of the story. We thought about our body movement and facial expressions when taking on a certain role. Here are some photos of our learning. 


This half term the children are looking at fieldwork in their Geography lessons. This lesson the children were thinking about human and physical features, defining this vocabulary and then identifying them. After sorting some pictures into the correct heading, we then explored our school grounds in order to identify any physical or human features that we could find. We recorded our findings into a table, working in small groups. Here are some photos of our learning.