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Autumn 2 - The Great Fire Of London

This half term, we have continued to learn about The Great Fire of London. We have been reading 'Toby and the Great Fire of London' and have been pretending to be Toby, writing a diary entry from what he saw when he was delivering papers to Samuel Pepys. We enjoyed using a quill and ink to do this smiley

We have been reading the book 'Toby and the Great Fire of London'. In the story, Toby goes to deliver papers to Samuel Pepys, however he sees the fire and tries to help put the fire out. We talked about the kind of character Toby is and thought of adjectives to describe his looks like and his personality. We then put these adjectives into sentences to create a character description of Toby.

In PE, the children have been taking part in multi skills sessions. They have been developing their balance, hand eye coordination and footwork. This week, the children were developing their football skills. They worked at dribbling the ball between two feet, stopping the ball and passing it through a target.