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Events 2018

πŸ€ΆπŸƒ‍♀️ Jingle Jog Fun Run 2018 πŸŽ…πŸƒ‍♂️


On Monday 26th November we took 58 children from years 5 & 6 to take part in this event At Sherwood Pines. 

This was a fun run that was approximately 3km long, the children were  running through the forest on paths and tracks. There were course Marshall’s every few metres so it was impossible to go the wrong way. 

Each child was given a Santa hat and encouraged to dress up and have as much fun as they possibly could. 

All 58 pupils completed the course and were still smiling when they ran over the finish line. 

Well done to everyone that took part and maybe just maybe we might see some of you at the next Couch 2 5 K club which is coming soon !!

The start of the fun run πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Still image for this video

Tag Rugby Match V Clarborough 


On Monday 19th November we played a friendly match against Clarborough. It was a fantastic game and everyone enjoyed every minute of it. Tim refereed and helped our team and as the match progressed they got better and better. Some pupils played for the first time for school and everyone played as a team . The final score was 11 - 11. 

Great end to this half terms rugby club, well played to all who took part. 



Active Girls Day

On Thursday 15th November Mrs Paton took 6 Girls from year 5/6 to this one day event. 

The idea behind the day was to see what ideas and initiatives the Girls could come up with to try and get more Girls in our school involved with sport and activities within the school day. It is a fact that by the time Girls are in year 6 only 32% of them take part in sporting activities in and out of school. This percentage gets even lower at the age of 13 to 15 and is quite worrying. Girls from primary and secondary schools attended the event and they were encouraged to be honest and say what they did and didn’t like about PE and sport in their schools. 

Our Girls really enjoyed the day and have certainly given us lots of feedback and ideas. Watch this space! 


Bassetlaw Schools Tag Rugby πŸ‰ 


On Friday 26th October we hosted this competition. Four schools entered so it was agreed we all play each other to decide who would represent Bassetlaw in the regional competition. Each team consisted of 12 players, 8 played at a time and there had to be at least 2 players from each sex playing at a time. 

Bassetlaw Schools line Orienteering competition 

Thursday 11th October 2018

This was an extra event organised by Bassetlaw Orienteering Club and was held at Worksop College. We took 6 teams which consisted of 12 children that attend Miss Chambers after school Orienteering club.

Each pair set off and had to find 12 markers which were set out on their maps. This time they had to find the numbers in order and if they missed any out then they would be penalised at the end. Ryan and Coby were our first pair to go and they completed the course in under 11 minutes, had Ryan not stopped to pick conkers up enroute they would have been even quicker ! Luke and Katie, TJ and Tamsin also came back in under 11 minutes. 

Our other teams were all very quick to complete the course and in particular a big well done to Sophie and Lilly from year 3 who showed true determination and self belief today. They completed the course in a good time and smiled all the way round. Well done everyone.


Key stage 1 gymnastics festival 

This year we took 15 children from KS1 to Retford Gymnastics Club, this is part of our school partnership plan with Michala Swales. The children spent the morning balancing on the beams and using the apparatus and mats. They all had a fantastic time and are keen to carry on improving their skills at our after school club. 

Sports Hall Athletics 

Monday 1st October 2018

Today we took a team of 12 pupils from years 5and6 to the Bassetlaw schools indoor athletics competition. 

Altogether there were 9 schools represented by their pupils. Each team consisted of 6 Boys and 6 Girls . Each person had to complete 3 of the field events, these were triple jump, standing long jump, chest push, javelin, speed bounce and seated throw. Once the field events were completed everyone had to run in 2 team relay races. 

We did really well in these, Alisha and Chloe won their first race for the girls as did Izzy and Chelsey. Shaun and Travis were joint first and all the others were either 2nd or 3rd. Then in the 2nd round of relays  we also did very well. Mega, Chloe and Scarlet won their hurdles race and then to top of a great morning Izzy, Alisha and Chelsey won their sprint relay. The boys were not to be outdone and Travis, Shaun and Kristian also won their sprint relay. The other boys Luke, Coby and Ryley came 2nd in their hurdles race. 

An amazing effort by all our team and we are all incredibly proud of you all. 



Bassetlaw schools cross country competition 

Tuesday 24th September 2018

Today Mr Johnson took 12 pupils from years 5 and 6 to take part in this competition. Everyone had to run the course. There were over 100 boys and 100 girls altogether. 

The top 12 from each group are chosen to represent Bassetlaw in the. County championships later in the year. This year Travis was picked to represent Bassetlaw. He came 11th place overall. An amazing achievement. 

Well done to all those that represented school today πŸ‘

Bassetlaw schools Handball Festival 

Tuesday 18th September 2018

Thus event was held at Retford Oaks today.We took 5 children from year 3 and 4 to this taster session.

To start with they learnt lots of drills and skills to help them develop an awareness of the game and then they played some friendly matches against the other schools. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the experience. 

County Handball Finals 2018

Friday 13th July

We represented Bassetlaw at this event held at Harvey Hadden Stadium in Nottingham. It was a well contested competition and our team did incredibly well. In the first round of games they won 2 draw 1 and lost 2. We ended up going into the next round and managed to qualify for 5th and 6th place final. Our girls were up in the first half and by half time we were losing, the boys played really well and pulled the goals back but not quite enough to win the game. We came in 5th place overall and the whole team did incredibly well.#TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

Year 3/4 Notts CCC Festival

Monday 9 th July 2018

This year we entered 2 teams into this event which was held at Worksop cricket club. Sadly all the other schools that had entered dropped out at the last minute. Therefore we are technically County Champions at this level! Notts were amazing and we played a game amongst our two teams and their officials umpired it too. Although disappointed it didn’t stop our children from having a lovely morning.

School Games Finals 2018


Friday 6th July

We took 8 pupils from year 3/4 to take part in the exclusive multi skills festival. It was an amazing day and if you look at our twitter account you can see video footage of the events. It was also extremely hot and our pupils managed to stay cool 😎 and calmin the circumstances. They were a pleasure to take and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Bassetlaw Girls Champions Final 2018

Friday 29th June

We qualified for this years finals by winning our league. There were four School altogether. That meant a semi final versus Prospect first. This was a really well contested game and at full time it was a draw. Then it was dreaded penalties, well we actually did really well, everyone of the 5 penalty takers scored and Clara pulled off a great save which meant we were through to the final. We had to wait to see who we would play between Norbridge and St John’s. Norbridge won convincingly and so it was us both into the final. We played so well and managed to get to half time 0-0. Second half was harder and the girls got tired. Emily from Norbridge was on top form and she scored 2 amazing goals, our heads didn’t drop and we carried on battling till the final whistle. Congratulations to Norbridge on a superb unbeaten season and worthy champion 2018. 



Girls Novice Football Festival 

Monday 25th June 2018

Today we took 10 girls from year 6 to this festival. Some of them have never played football before and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.It was non competitive and the idea was that the girls enjoyed it and hopefully got a taste for playing football. Below is a picture of the girls that attended.

Tri-Golf School Games Qualifier 

Monday 18th June 2018

This year we entered 1 team Into this competition that was held at Kilton Forest Golf Club. The format was a little bit different than previous years with not as many high scoring games. There was still points for gamesmanship and spirit of the games and each school had to earn these extra points by showing true sportsmanship and teamwork. 

This year there were 9 schools that entered the competition and we came 5th place. Well done to everyone that took part. #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork


Race For Life 

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Today we took 29 of our pupils from year 2 to this event which was organised by Michala our SGO. We had to travel to Sherwood pines where a 2 mile course had been set out. There was a mass warm up to start with which all our children absolutely loved and then each school did the run. At the finish line everyone was given a medal and a big clap. Well done to everyone that took part. 

Change 4 Life Summer Fest 2018

Wednesday 6th June 

This years summer fest was held at Sherwood Pines forest park and was a joint venture with Newark and Mansfield schools.

Our pupils had a go at den building, Orienteering, hockey, archery, football, tennis and badminton. 

They all had a brilliant day and sang all the back to school in the mini bus 🚌.

Year3/4 Mini Tennis School Games Qualifier 

Friday 8th June 2018

Today we took 3 teams to the Bassetlaw Schools mini tennis festival which was held a Caunton Tennis Club.

Altogether there were 8 teams and each team consisted of 2 boys and 2 girls. We named our team Red, blue and white and each player had to play 3 games. The score went up to 7 and each teams scores were added up to give a final total. Our Red team won bronze medals πŸ… for coming πŸ₯‰ third place. 

Red team were 4th and white team were 7th. Everyone had a great time and they didn’t want to stop. 

Below are a few photos.

Bassetlaw Schools Orienteering Competition 

Monday 21st May 2018

This years event was held at Ranby House and we were invited to take part in some practice sessions leading  up to it. These  were incredibly useful and gave our pupils a good idea of the school grounds and more importantly how to use the electronic buzzer system. Everyone that attended the sessions took part in the competition today and all loved every minute of it. Special mention to Bailey and Johnny who were our top pair and as we left they were in 5th place overall. Well done to all our pupils that took part today. 


School Games Quad Kids Qualifier

Friday 11th May 2018

This year we entered 3 teams into this event, that meant 15 boys and 15 girls from years 3and 4were involved. For some of them this was the first time they have ever represented our school for a sporting event. 

Once again each child had to do all 4 activities, run 600m , throw a howler, standing long jump and a 75m sprint. 

There were 12 teams that took part and we came 8th, 11th and 12th. 

Well done to everyone that took part. 

School Games Netball qualifier for Bassetlaw 

Monday 30th April 2018

Today we took at team of 9 pupils from year 6 to this event which was held at Tuxford Academy. 

Altogether 10 schools took part which meant that everyone had 9 games. 

We did incredibly well and considering that we didn’t even have one training session before hand stands testament to our PE policy. Learn the basic skills and be able to adapt and use them for different sports.

We won 4 games, drew 3 games and lost 2 games. We came in 3rd place out of 10, fantastic achievement. Well done team Sparken Hill. 


Bassetlaw Schools Rugby Mega Festival 

Thursday 26th April 


Today we took 30 of our children from years 3,4,5 and 6 to this festival. We split them into two groups and they all took part in 13 different activities that were all rugby related. Using tactics and skills that they would need to use in a game. Altogether 120 children from 7 different schools took part and the whole afternoon went extremely well. Thank you to WRFC for hosting this event. All of our pupils had an absolutely brilliant time. 

Bassetlaw School Games Pop Lacrosse Competition 

Wednesday 21st March 2018


This year we were asked if we could host this competition at Sparken Hill. It worked out really well and everyone seemed to enjoy taking part throughout the morning. 

We entered 2 teams again and both played well and were a credit to School. 

Team 1 played 5 matches, they won 4 and lost 1 and came in 2nd place overall. Team 2 won 1 draw 1 and lost 3 and they came 4th place overall.Well done to everyone that represented School today you were amazing. #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork


Year 2 Multiskills Festival 

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Today we took 14 children from year 2 to a multi skills festival at Retford Oaks which was organised by Michala Swales who is the Bassetlaw SGO.

The event was run by the Sportsleaders from the Oaks and was a great success.

The children played some hockey πŸ‘ and volleyball 🏐 they also learnt about disabilities in sport and had a go at blindfolded football. They were also set some team challenges to see how good they were at teamwork and communication. Below are some pictures of this afternoons festival.


School Games Basketball Competition 

Monday 5th March 2018

Today we took two teams of pupils from years 5/6 to compete in this event. Each Team consisted of 10 pupils and the idea is that 5 play one half and 5 play the other half, also you must have a minimum of 2 girls on court at all times. 

There were 7 teams altogether which meant everyone played 6 matches. Both of our teams did really well, they both won 2 games, draw 2 games and lost 2 games. Out of the 7 teams they both came joint 3rd overall which was an amazing achievement. Well done to everyone that played and represented our school.


Dance Festival 


This was a two part event organised by our SGO and held at Retford Oaks. The first part was on Tuesday 9th January, in total 8 school's attended. The theme was The WorldCup and each school was given a country and had to learn a dance related to it. We were given France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· and the dance leaders from Retford Oaks had worked out a routine for our pupils to learn. 

We then returned back to schoolwith the music and the moves and had two weeks to practice the routine. Miss Edwards was in charge of our dancers and she practiced with them every lunchtime. They knew the routine off by heart and even added some extra bits.

We then returned to Retford Oaks two weeks later and after a short rehearsal with the other school's everyone performed in front of parents,friends and families.

It was a fantastic show and all our dancers loved it. 

Fit2play Football Tournament 


This was a one of event aimed at pupils that don't play football for the school team and to give them an opportunity to have a game. It was split into two age groups, years 5/6 and years 3/4 and each team could field 6 players at a time. Each team played 4 matches and the whole event was a great success. Thank you St Johns for hosting.

Dodge Ball Festival 


On Friday 9th February we took 12 pupils from years 4 and 6 to this festival. The idea was to introduce the pupils to dodge ball and learn some basic skills needed to play the game. There were 7 different activities all based on a different skill. Each school rotated around the activities spending 10 minutes at each one.

After a short break the pupils from all the schools were mixed up into 9 teams. They then played each other using some of the skills they had just learnt.

Thankyou to all the sports leaders from Retford Oaks for leading the sessions. You were all brilliant.