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Treasure hunt.

Year 1 -  Go around your homes and find objects that have the digraph "ch", "th" "wh" and "sh" sound. 5 Dojo's if you find 15!

Year 2 - Looking around your home can you find objects that have the digraphs "ai" "ar" "ou" and "oa".  5 Dojo's if you find 15!



In keeping with our book "The snowman" Create a word bank of words associated with "snow", e.g white, glistening, frosty. Once you have done so use the words to help you write a poem about snow/snowmen. There is a template for you to write your poem on.

The Snowman HD

Snowman Poem Template


We would like the children to explore shape. Both 2D and 3D shapes.

Year 1 Can they name and identify the features of 2D shapes? Can you create a picture using 2D shapes and label your shape picture.

Year 2 Can you name and identify features of 2D and 3D shapes? Can you create a model of a 3D shape using Lego, Duplo, Magnaformers, spaghetti and marshmallows etc. Please send photo's to Class Dojo of these wonderful creations.


Here is a link to some Christmas yoga. I am sure your children will love getting into the spirit of Christmas!

Christmas Yoga


Create a Christmas bauble for our class tree. You can use the template below or you can get creative and make one from pine cones, small stone. wood. cardboard tube etc. We would love to fill the tree with your super art work.

Bauble Template